Failure By Design: The Fanpage FOR The Fanpage

If you've seen any of Quinton Reviews' several hour long videos, think of this page as the 40 minute long intermission to my main Brand New page.

While working on my almost 6000 word bio, I inevitably went down the rabbit hole of old BN livejournal and tumblr pages that hadn't been updated in years. Before 2022, the only BN fans I had ever encountered were typically from r/brandnew. Admittedly, I was a hater of early 2000's BN fans from the start. Yeah I think the amount of fanfiction that came up when I searched "jesse lacey john nolan" on livejournal is weird, and yeah it's fucking awful having to skim through 50 comments from greasy teenagers consisting of 'I forced him to give me a hug after standing next to their tour van for an hour, he must be in love with me!' while trying to find something substantial to put on my webpage.

But as slowly going from the early 2000's up until the release of Science Fiction, everyone started becoming more and more pretentious, and you can only see so many Brand New fans calling each other phonies for liking their more popular songs before you start to truly appreciate laughing at the bizzare things fangirls used to say online.

This is the main reason why there's SO much earlier BN content on my page and it gets more and more sparse as it starts to approach present day. After 2009, there weren't people making primers, the gossip threads started being about other bands, and the people having fun on livejournal slowly started abandoning their accounts.

Also, I pray daily that current bandom people continue to ignore Brand New. You are all so annoying. Please gtfo. God bless.

Thus, this is a fanpage for the earlier fans.

Considering how popular Brand New was, it only made sense that there had to have been a fanlisting for them at one point. I expected to have to spend hours going through old websites and the wayback machine in order to find any evidence of a fanlisting ever existing, but the truth is, it took all of one minute to find Failure By Design: The Official Brand New Fanlisting. The whole process was literally googling "brand new fanlisting", clicking the link to a BN message board towards the bottom of the search results, looking at the first thread listed, and immediately being linked to the fanlisting. Incredible. I couldn't believe how lucky I had gotten.

The Failure By Design fanlisting had over 1000 members (I couldn't find what it peaked at), started in 2002, became inactive in 2009, and was eventually taken down in 2015. The purpose of the page you are on now is to archive this fanlisting, because it's probably one of my favorite things I found researching this page.
About The Fanlisting

I should clarify right off the bat that I do not have any affiliation with this fanlisting and it has not been active since 2015. This page serves as a fanlisting for the fanlisting, as well as an extention of my original Brand New fanpage. I do not have any plans to make my own fanlisting, mainly because there wouldn't be a whole lot of people interested in it.

As mentioned towards the bottom of the "purpose of this page" section, I found this fanlisting simply by finding an old BN message board and finding it linked in the very first post I clicked on. It was likely made in early 2002, as the earliest update I could find was from September 16 2002, and mentions adding 24 new members. Checking the archives throughout the years, updates began slowing down after 2006, with the last update being on March 18, 2009. The last capture of it on the Wayback Machine is from March 8 2015.

There is mention of the message board connected to the fanlisting being hacked, which could possibly also relate to the fanlisting being abandoned.
Related Fanlistings
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You'd think this would have been better archived considering how popular he was. Highest member count recorded was 360, with 71 pending. This fanlisting didn't seem to last very long :(


The most well archived fanlisting out of the four members. Archived from March 28 2004 until September 5 2008. Fun fact: most of the members joined after Garrett himself mentioned it on BN's official website. As of June 6 2007, this fanlisting had a total of 960.





44 members as of 2007. Wtf??? This fanlisting began on December 3 2004 and was last archived on February 6 2007. Brian Lane is cool.






Note: I originally couldn't find Vin's fanlisting at first because it wasn't properly linked. Here is the rant I wrote before finding it the next day:

Right so I know this page started with me talking about how fun the old BN fandom was but not a single one of these fuckers archived or saved an icon or a screenshot or ANYTHING from Vin's fanlisting. And I KNOW it most definitely existed because the official BN one linked to it and he most definitely had fans at the time! Literally what the hell.... I would've joined, Vin fans rise up!

The following is written after I managed to find the actual fanlisting:

Crisis averted! The BN fanlisting did not properly link this, however user brandxnerd correctly linked it in a Vin appreciation thread on the Failure By Design message board. The fanlisting began in early August of 2003, and was last archived on August 30 2004. Highest recorded amount of members is 140.




Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
Seventy Times 7
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
Your Favorite Weapon
Last Chance To Lose Your Keys
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades
Soco Amaretto Lime
The Shower Scene
Deja Entendu
Even though there's no way to join, I'm still putting at least one of these on my page next to the other fanlisting codes. If you want to you can link back to , or , or your own webpage. I don't know. This fanlisting has been dead for years and nothing matters anymore.



Warning: Cringe

Friends / Adjacent Bands: (Listen to them!)
Note: Most (or maybe all?) of these toured with BN at some point. These are generally organized by era, meaning that the top of the list is more associated with the early 2000's, and the bottom of the list is associated with the 2010's.

The Movielife (features Brandon Reilly from The Rookie Lot)

Crime in Stereo (features Alex Dunne from The Rookie Lot)

Taking Back Sunday (Jesse Lacey used to be bassist, infamous 2001 feud.)

Straylight Run

Hot Rod Circuit

Colour Revolt


Say Anything (Jesse would often come on stage for the end of Belt, he also apparently cheated on Max Bemis' wife before they were together, Max Bemis frequently talks shit about Jesse and often virtue signals about the allegations to distract from the fact that he himself has done similar things)



Kevin Devine (released a split EP with Jesse, as well as appeared with him on stage several times. still friends as of 2019! however BN fans are butthurt that he supposedly "betrayed" Jesse in 2017 by saying that he doesn't support grooming. lmao.)

Manchester Orchestra

Here's my playlist of some early BN adjecent bands:

Here's someone else's playlist of later BN adjecent bands: