Failure By Design: The Fanpage FOR The Fanpage

This page serves as a home to interesting fan content that doesn't really fit on the main page.

While working on my almost 6000 word bio, I inevitably went down the rabbit hole of old BN livejournal and tumblr pages that hadn't been updated in years. The God awful amount of fanfiction that came up when I searched "jesse lacey john nolan" on livejournal is weird, and it's fucking boring and cringe having to skim through dozens of comments from greasy teenagers consisting of 'I forced him to give me a hug after standing next to their tour van for an hour, he must be in love with me!' while trying to find something substantial to put on my webpage. But as slowly going from the early 2000's up until the release of Science Fiction, everyone started becoming more and more pretentious, and you can only see so many Brand New fans calling each other posers for liking their more popular songs before you start to truly appreciate how un-serious everyone used to be about this band.

However, somewhere in the early 2000s cesspool exists witty primers and interesting fan encounters and interviews and obscure low-quality concert footage, all of which being a lot more fun than the state of the BN fanbase post 2009 or so. This is the main reason why there's SO much earlier content on my page and it gets more and more sparse as it starts to approach present day. After a certain point, there weren't people making primers anymore, the gossip threads started being about other bands, and the entertaining people on livejournal slowly started abandoning their accounts.

Also, I pray daily that current twitter/tumblr bandom people continue to ignore Brand New. You are all so annoying. Please gtfo. God bless.


Considering how popular Brand New was, it only made sense that there had to have been a fanlisting for them at one point. I expected to have to spend hours going through old websites and the wayback machine in order to find any evidence of a fanlisting ever existing, but the truth is, it took all of one minute to find Failure By Design: The Official Brand New Fanlisting. The whole process was literally googling "brand new fanlisting", clicking the link to a BN message board towards the bottom of the search results, looking at the first thread listed, and immediately being linked to the fanlisting. Incredible.

The Failure By Design fanlisting had over 1000 members (I couldn't find what it peaked at), started in 2002, became inactive in 2009, and was eventually taken down in 2015. The purpose of the page you are on now is to archive this fanlisting, because it's probably one of my favorite things I found researching this page.
About The Fanlisting

I should clarify right off the bat that I do not have any affiliation with this fanlisting and it has not been active since 2015. This page serves as a fanlisting for the fanlisting, as well as an extention of my original Brand New fanpage. I do not have any plans to make my own fanlisting, mainly because there wouldn't be a whole lot of people interested in it.

As mentioned towards the bottom of the "purpose of this page" section, I found this fanlisting simply by finding an old BN message board and finding it linked in the very first post I clicked on. It was likely made in early 2002, as the earliest update I could find was from September 16 2002, and mentions adding 24 new members. Checking the archives throughout the years, updates began slowing down after 2006, with the last update being on March 18, 2009. The last capture of it on the Wayback Machine is from March 8 2015.

There is mention of the message board connected to the fanlisting being hacked, which could possibly also relate to the fanlisting being abandoned.
Related Fanlistings
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You'd think this would have been better archived considering how popular he was. Highest member count recorded was 360, with 71 pending. This fanlisting didn't seem to last very long :(


The most well archived fanlisting out of the four members. Archived from March 28 2004 until September 5 2008. Fun fact: most of the members joined after Garrett himself mentioned it on BN's official website. As of June 6 2007, this fanlisting had a total of 960.





44 members as of 2007. Wtf??? This fanlisting began on December 3 2004 and was last archived on February 6 2007. Brian Lane is cool.






I originally was very peeved because I thought no one archived this... crisis averted! The BN fanlisting did not properly link this, however user brandxnerd correctly linked it in a Vin appreciation thread on the Failure By Design message board. The fanlisting began in early August of 2003, and was last archived on August 30 2004. Highest recorded amount of members is 140.




Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
Seventy Times 7
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
Your Favorite Weapon
Last Chance To Lose Your Keys
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades
Soco Amaretto Lime
The Shower Scene
Deja Entendu
Even though there's no way to join, I'm still putting at least one of these on my page next to the other fanlisting codes. If you want to you can link back to , or , or your own webpage. I don't know. This fanlisting has been dead for years and nothing matters anymore.



Warning: Cringe

Friends / Adjacent Bands: (Listen to them!)
Note: Most (or maybe all?) of these toured with BN at some point. These are generally organized by era, meaning that the top of the list is more associated with the early 2000's, and the bottom of the list is associated with the 2010's.

The Movielife (features Brandon Reilly from The Rookie Lot)

Crime in Stereo (features Alex Dunne from The Rookie Lot)

Taking Back Sunday (Jesse Lacey used to be bassist, infamous 2001 feud.)

Straylight Run

Hot Rod Circuit

Colour Revolt


Say Anything (Jesse would often come on stage for the end of Belt, he also apparently cheated on Max Bemis' wife before they were together, Max Bemis frequently talks shit about Jesse and often virtue signals about the allegations to distract from the fact that he himself has done similar things)



Kevin Devine (released a split EP with Jesse, as well as appeared with him on stage several times. still friends as of 2019! however BN fans are butthurt that he supposedly "betrayed" Jesse in 2017 by saying that he doesn't support grooming. lmao.)

Manchester Orchestra

The Reunion Show (Jesse and Brian used to shout these guys out all the time but they never got a big following)

Here's my playlist of some early BN adjecent bands:

Here's someone else's playlist of later BN adjecent bands:

Note: this was originally on the main BN page but I suddenly became unconfortable with having a personal anecdote on that page specifically. This page is stupid and less serious so I think it fits in fine here.

Imagine this: you're nine years old and you grew up seeing emo kids on the internet, fringes covering one of their eyes and too-tight skinny jeans and all. You completely miss the memo that you can listen to any song in the world on youtube dot com, so you let fate decide which songs will be permanently ingrained into your soul by using the radio feature on google play music. But I was the nine year old! Somehow listening to mall emo (MCR and paramore and all) eventually led me to what r/emo calls "real emo", and was eventually spammed with songs from a 2003 album titled Deja Entendu by a neat emo band from Long Island called Brand New (and that's the name of the page you're on right now!).

And several years later, I'm still borderline embarrassingly obsessed with them and still listen to Deja Entendu just a little too much. My younger self listening to Guernica would probably call current me cringe and ask why I still don't have a job. OH WELL! But out of all the different genres of music I've listened to in the past eight years, Brand New was the one band that I'd still always listen to (well, besides Fall Out Boy, but this isn't about them!). Throughout my vaporwave, soundcloud rap, k-pop, hyperpop, and britpop phases, I would STILL cry to the same Brand New songs on the way home from school and think about how much I hated myself. But good news! I don't want to die anymore!! Just kidding, I still want to die. But that didn't affect the amount of emo music I listen to (if anything, it's increased by like 300%).
(maybe hearing these exact lyrics hundreds of times over the past several years wasn't the best for my psyche...) Sometimes I hate myself for eventually listening to their entire discography all at once, because there's a really good chance I'll never hear one of their songs for the first time again (Jesse, Garrett, Brain, or Vin, just leak a demo or something ffs!)

An actual photo of my dresser, featuring all 5 studio albums awkwardly stacked on a file rack (which is stacked on top of my high school diploma...), some of my beanie baby collection, and various clutter on my wall.
Also this photo needs to be updated because the clutter is even worse now...

THE SHRINE™ (ft. CDs of BN adjacent bands). As you can see, my cd collection is scattered across my bedroom, which is why there isn't a single picture of it on my website, but instead a list of all the physical media I own.

Since it took me so long just to get the main 5 albums, I don't plan on actively collecting anymore. Don't get me wrong, the massive collections I've seen on tumblr and r/brandnew are suuuper cool! But I'd probably go crazy if I tried to collect the tour dvd, split ep, holiday ep, various singles, etc. The only things I'd probably go out of my way to get are the Jesus record, the Japan cd version of YFW, and any of the other early pressings of YFW. My heart broke a little bit when I saw someone showing off their signed copy of The Rookie Lot's record on tumblr T^T

to every neocities user who has any of the above graphics on their page without knowing the reference, listen to Seventy Times 7 right now!

The BN iceberg chart made by yours truly! (Originally posted on reddit months ago that I never got around to uploading here until now...)
Click photo to open in higher quality ^^

Tier 1:

five albums: Your Favorite Weapon, Deja Entendu, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, Daisy, Science Fiction

Sic Transit and Quiet Things music videos: easily their two most popular music videos

John Nolan/TBS feud: Jesse and John Nolan were childhood friends up until they had a dispute over a girl. According to Shaun Cooper: “John and Jesse liked a girl, John made out with the girl before Jesse did, Jesse got bummed about it, all these songs happened because of it.”

allegations against Jesse Lacey: In late 2017, allegations came out claiming that Jesse groomed some underage fans. They later canceled their UK tour dates and quit soon after.

Jesse, Brian, Garrett, Vin: four members of BN

r/brandnew: Brand New subreddit

Seventy Times 7/There's No 'I' in Team/Timberwolves in New Jersey: Songs written about TBS and BN feud. In 2002, Jesse often came on stage during There’s No ‘I’ in Team (video), and John often came on stage during Seventy Times 7 (video).

Tier 2:

Story behind Limousine: Limousine is about Katie Flynn, a seven year old girl who was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. That day she was the flower girl at her aunt's wedding and was in a limousine when the crash occurred.

YFW original cover: The original cover of YFW is of a chess clock and two chess pieces. It was changed for the 2011 reissue to be a photo of Garrett (I think?) laying on top of their tour van.

Derrick Sherman: Third guitarist in BN, added to the band around the same time TDAG was released.

“Because mics are for singing, not swinging”: Phrase on BN merch, refers to Adam Lazarra always swinging his mic around on stage, as can be demonstrated by Vin here. TBS also released merch in response that said “proudly swinging since 1999”

Mene/Out of Range + I Am A Nightmare: Singles released between Daisy and Science Fiction

crybaby - lil peep: rap song that samples The No Seatbelt Song

Jude Law music video: decently known video, but not as popular as Sic Transit and Quiet Things. Mainly shows clips from their earlier shows.

Yellow - Coldplay: Uses the same chords as The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot. Jesse would often play the two songs together. Video. Another video.

2000-2018: In 2016 the band started releasing shirts showing an upside down cross made of flowers with “2000-2018” written below it. The same photo was also used at the end of concerts.

leaked demos 2006: Nine songs that were leaked before the release of TDAG. Luca and Sowing Season were the only two songs to end up on TDAG.

3 Demos, reworked: rerecordings of 1996, Brother’s Song, and Missing you. Released in 2015.

(Fork And Knife): song released after TDAG, was originally part of the leaked demos

fghtffyrdmns: “Fight Off Your Demons”. originally from their website, used on merch, was possibly the original title for TDAG

Tier 3:

Daisy sessions: “Live in studio” versions of Sowing Season, Bought A Bride, Jesus, At The Bottom, Bed.

beginning/ending of Daisy: The woman singing at the beginning of Vices and end of Noro comes from an unlabeled cassette tape that Jesse bought at a yard sale

heart - lil tracy: rap song that samples Batter Up

October 29, 2017: date of their last show

YFW tour DVD: Mainly just shows BN off stage while on tour, interactions with other people, and a few clips from actual shows. Originally titled “Pop This Deal In Yer DVD Thingy, Man. It'll Blow Yer Freakin' Face Off”. Released in 2001: "Take a peek into life on the road with Brand New and check out songs from their debut album Your Favorite Weapon"

TDAG masks: two masks that used to be sold for Halloween that look like the guys on the cover of TDAG. Also came with a shirt.

Your Name Here (Sunrise Highway): Straylight Run song written for Jesse

"...before you even knew how to wipe your own ass": Phrase written on a shirt given to BN street team members. “I liked Brand New before you even knew how to wipe your own ass"

"Brand New wants you dead": Phrase written on old merch. “Brand New wants to die just as much as you want them dead.”

Flying at Tree Level: song released on Beer: The Movie Soundtrack, used to be occasionally incorrectly labeled online as "I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light", "Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention", or as a 12th track on Deja Entendu

making of Deja Entendu: Video recorded over February 2003 during recording of Deja Entendu.

Alanis' Interlude - Halsey: song that samples Fork and Knife

"7 years": comes from the end of “In The Water”, some people theorize that BN will reunite in either 2024 or 2025 because of this

Deja Entendu title comes from Jeopardy: Jesse got the title for Deja Entendu from the Double Jeopardy round on February 2, 2003. For $400: “You can have a deja entendu, meaning "already heard" in addition to this, "already seen"” Answer: Deja Vu

Limousine MS rebridge: Mike Sapone told Jesse that he wanted to add explosions to the bridge of Limousine, but they were originally way louder than the actual music. They can’t really be heard in the final mix in the song. Some people claim to have the original mix, but there are no actual uploads of it.

Aloc Acoc: Released alongside Sowing Season single. Similar to Brother’s Song, but has different lyrics. “I was gonna go record that song about my brothers that I wrote, and I was in the booth. Whatever I had sung before, we had turned up the reverb on the mic a lot and we hadn’t changed any of the settings. So when I got in there, I started playing the song (Brothers), just testing levels, and I started playing it real slow for some reason and it just sounded good. I decided to record it like that. And I didn’t think that the lyrics should be the same so I just wrote another set of lyrics to it. It’s about a lot of stuff, it’s about Derrick’s friend who died that night, and about my dad, and other things that are worrisome to me, I suppose.”

TDAGARIM spray paint wall: photo here. Wall that has “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me” spray painted on it. Wall is located at Farmingdale Lanes, 999 Conklin Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Originally from the Untitled music video

YFW demos: seven demos that are at the end of YFW deluxe edition (Jude Law, Secondary, Logan to Government, Shower Scene.. As well as throwaway demos: Logan To Government, Last Chance, Magazines)

"never to see any other way": said by Jesse at the end of “Play Crack the Sky”, comes from the inner groove of The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers record

The Shower Scene music video: a more obscure video, probably the first music video they made

TDAG title origin: the title of TDAG comes from a conversation Jesse had with schizophrenic musician Daniel Johnston who said his illness "felt like the devil and God were raging inside" him

Tier 4:

Manchester Orchestra videos: videos made by Manchester Orchestra while they were on tour with BN and Kevin Devine that often featured Jesse

Pogolith: Deja and TDAG lyric books that can be bought on their website.

Nobody Moves 2015 version: Nobody Moves was rerecorded in 2015 alongside 1996, Brother’s Song, and Good Man, but was never officially released.

The Rookie Lot: Band with Jesse, Brian, and Garrett, before BN. Also had Alex Dunne of Crime in Stereo and Brandon Reilly of The Movielife. Here is a playlist of all of their songs, here is a recording of one of their shows.

Alternative Press covers: They were on the cover of AP magazine twice. December 2003 and January 2005. BN’s website from 2001 to 2004. Was replaced with before release of TDAG

My Nine Rides Shotgun: the first song BN recorded together

Simple Man: Song that was made available to download on December 31, 2018. "Thought this should see the light of day. Pre Devil and God era. I don't know if redemption is possible. Or if it should be. Bad people can do good things. Good people can do bad things. Maybe one day we'll all get some closure.”

Holiday EP: EP released in December 2003. Features a cover of Oh Holy Night, demo of Logan to Government, as well as acoustic versions of The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows, and Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention

Safety In Numbers split EP: EP released in 2002. Features the songs Moshi Moshi and Am I Wrong

"Happy holidays. Love, Brand New.": Photo that was used as the homepage on their old website

IMX interview: One of the only televised interviews they did, most likely from late 2003 or 2004. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

songs that they never played live: Out of Mana outro part, Out of Range (only played by Vin in October 2023), Could Never Be Heaven, Desert, No Control, Waste

Jesus Christ music video: self explanatory, was never officially released

procrastinate music traitors: record label started by BN. Only artists listed on its website are Brand New, Greater Pyrenees, Kevin Devine, and Shone

Sealed to Me: unreleased song, has only been played live

Deja Entendu demos: Demos for 7 songs on Deja, as well as two instrumentals

"hi moz": Used to be written on Jesse’s guitar, refers to Morrissey

500 copy Science Fiction cds: Before the release of Science Fiction, 500 cds that were individually numbered were mailed to fans. It did not have any other information about the album, but fans were able to find the album title, song titles, and album cover after searching for the songs on Shazam.

"fght ff yr dmns. wrt sngs n yr slp. sng n yr slp. w lv y. w mss y. i lv y s mch tht t hrts m hd.": phrase written on their website in late 2005. This was right after they made their new website (, and before the release of TDAG

Tier 5:

Jesse's telecaster was originally John Nolan's and was stolen from a church: Story told by Jesse in Rig Rundown video. "We took it from one of his church worship leaders when we were in high school, and he let me borrow it a long time ago and I never gave it back to him.”

leaked Daisy demos were actually by The Republic of Wolves: Before the release of Daisy, different songs by The Republic of Wolves were posted online as leaked BN songs. “Slide” is Cardinals, and “Restole” is Spill.

BN fan websites: Mainly refers to the BN fanlisting (as well as fanlistings for specific members and songs/albums), messageboards, and any other old BN websites that are lost to time

Nicole Garet and Emily Driskill: Nicole Garet and Emily Driskill are two women who accused Jesse of grooming them. Emily is mainly known for leaking nude pictures of him in 2011, and Nicole was frequently accused of lying about the situation. r/fightoffyourdemons had a “research team” (cringe…) dedicated to analyzing everything Nicole has ever said online in order to try to prove that she’s an unreliable source.

Max Bemis and Sherri Dupree: Jesse dated Sherri Dupree of Eisley and supposedly a lot of TDAG is inspired by her. She later went on to marry Max Bemis of Say Anything, who occasionally goes on Instagram live to gossip about how Jesse “cheated on my wife with little girls”.

$1 lyric books: before the Deja and TDAG pogoliths were available to buy on their website, fans could send in $1 and get TDAG lyric booklets that ended up not being sent out until years later.

One Last Goodbye: Vin’s band before joining BN. Listen to their EP here.

street team: Fans could join the BN street team in order to promote the band. It had a website with a message board (apparently the password was dejayou). Street team members were also given the “I liked Brand New before you even knew how to wipe your own ass” shirt, free cd when Deja came out, stickers and posters to promote the band, pins, and access to the Holiday EP for $5.

Jesse played bass in TBS: self-explanatory. Here are demos with Jesse on bass and backing vocals.

Vin sound baths: Vin’s post-Brand New hippie shaman activities.

Out of Mana is about World of Warcraft: According to Wowpedia: “Mana is a substance and a magical power resource which casters draw upon when casting their spells… When they run out of mana, spellcasters can no longer use magic and are left exhausted.” Jesse is known to play WoW so there’s a good change that the title, if not the song itself, is referencing it.

John Nolan wrote The No Seatbelt Song and Magazines: Source. They needed 2 more songs for YFW, so The No Seatbelt Song and Magazines were used.

BN is the reason Thrice got back together: Dustin Kensrue and Teppei Teranishi were at a BN show at Madison Square Garden when they decided that Thrice should get back together

Tier 6:

r/fightoffyourdemons: subreddit that some BN fans used after the allegations came out because r/brandnew mods were banning people. Had some normal posts actually talking about the band but quickly devolved into trying to prove that the allegations were false.

Godmunder: Jesse and John’s highschool band.

cryptic reddit posts: Right after the release of SF, u/ax20fb0a7 began making posts on r/brandnew, including a link to the website, which contained various codes and photos. Here’s a thread that discussed it but has now been removed. Here is an article that does more of an in-depth explanation. Other notable users are The_Sower and LongIslandWeatherman (+ r/IslandParkNY)

untitled music video: Another unreleased music video, shows someone spray painting TDAGARIM on a wall

Sea Turtle Harmonic: Piano versions of various BN songs, all of which credit Jesse Lacey

Martin Shkreli shirt/AIDS charity: In response to Martin Shkreli wearing a BN shirt, they responded by selling the same shirt at a discounted price and donating the proceeds to an AIDS charity.

TDAG phone call pre-gap: Hidden track, can be found by rewinding Sowing Season on a CD player

Shone: Band made up of Brian Lane, Vin Accardi, and Andrew Accardi. Began with various bands tweeting "be patient.", and later the link, which ended up being the name of Shone's first album. A scavenger hunt was set up and the main participants were people who had signed up to a mailing list from They were sent letters in the mail which contained various clues. More about it here: SHONEdoc 1, 2, 3. Listen to Heat Thing here.

Mermaid EP: Fake EP that the band mentioned in the “bio” section of their website. "From their first record, Your Favorite Weapon, to the critically acclaimed "Mermaid" ep, to the groundbreaking, and experimental, Deja Entendu..."

Seaman's Neck overpass: Overpass mentioned in Soco Amaretto Lime

I Am, Restole, Bride, Coming to Get You, Slide: In 2009, “Album 4” (which ended up being titled Daisy later) was sent to a few publications, and about half of the songs ended up being renamed. Restole = At The Bottom, Slide = Be Gone, Coming to Get You = Sink, Bride = Bought A Bride, I Am = Daisy, Stones = In a Jar