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[Archive: Feb 2007] "If you are reading this then i must apologize. I have been trying to think what the "correct" words to write here would be, or rather who the "correct" person to write it could be. I have drawn some immediate blanks though i am working on it. For now though, i will be brief."

Brand New was started in a very obligatory basement in Merrick, New York, a suburb of Manhattan in 2000. This band has its roots in another band called The Rookie Lot, which three Long Island kids named Jesse Lacey, Garrett Tierney, and Brian Lane were in, along with two other members (who ended up joining Crime in Stereo and The Movielife respectively). The three remaining members, along with the addition of Vin Accardi (formerly of One Last Goodbye), got together to form a new band. They all had musical roots sunk in the Long Island Independent/Hardcore music scene, but with tastes that ranged from Buddy Rich to the Archers of Loaf to .... blah blah blah... the band always felt like it could move outside of whatever notions they originally felt inclined to. After a few demos, they put out their debut in 2001, Your Favorite Weapon, on Triple Crown Records. At this time, they were writing catchy pop punk songs full of adolescent bitterness (in the best way possible). After recording their first record, with a friend and fifth band member, Mike Sapone, they began to tour the nation relentlessly. A second record, Deja Entendu, followed and so did the touring. U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan.... almost Japan. It displayed them maturing as a band and reached a much larger audience. They signed to a major (Interscope) to release their third album, though took a break shortly after their signing. They also added another guitarist, Derrick Sherman, to their line-up in 2005. Eventually, 9 songs intended for their upcoming album were leaked, and a whole lot of shit went down. Finally, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me was released in 2006, with a sound quite different from their previous albums. This is their most well-known and loved work, and has practically solidified its place as being a "classic" already (though the same could be said about the entire band). After another three years of touring/hiding, they released Daisy, which was darker, heavier, and more rhythm-oriented than their previous material (basically, they change a lot between albums). There was also (Fork And Knife). Then came I Am A Nightmare, and then Mene, and then Science Fiction, the final album (well, I sure hope it's not the final album, but who knows with this band). I'm not sure exactly how many records they've sold, or exactly how many people like them. But it was going pretty good for a while. R.I.P


*the above description was frankensteined together from several different bios on brand new
very important videos, i swear:

"Pop This Deal In Yer DVD Thingy, Man. It'll Blow Yer Freakin' Face Off." (Your Favorite Weapon tour DVD)

Making of Deja Entendu

pre brand new:
Godmunder (Jesse Lacey and John Nolan)
Taking Back Sunday demos ft. Jesse Lacey

The Rookie Lot:
(Jesse Lacey, Garrett Tierney, and Brian Lane of Brand New. Brandon Reilly of The Movielife. Alex Dunne of Crime in Stereo. Check out all of those bands!)
Theme Song of the Night Flyers
Escape From Levittown
Debbie Stokes
Year's Long Snowfall
Leaving Verona

Show from January 2, 1999

One Last Goodbye:
(Vin Accardi's old band. + Jarrett Boglioli, Brendan Hastings, and Rob Granelli, who I have no idea what happened to because it's impossible to find any information about this band)
Fading Away
Second Chance
Words Unspoken
Just out of Touch

B-Sides + Covers
Flying at Tree Level
...My Nine Rides Shotgun
Sealed To Me
Am I Wrong? (Love Spit Love cover)
Sowing Season (Acoustic #1)
Sowing Season (Acoustic #2)
Instrumental #1
Instrumental #2
Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades (demo)
I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light (demo)
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't (demo)
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows (demo)
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot (demo)
Jaws Theme Swimming (demo)
Me vs Maradona vs Elvis (demo)
Guernica (demo)
Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention, All I Have To Do Is Die (demo)
Moshi Moshi (acoustic)
Degausser (acoustic)
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot (acoustic)
Jesus Christ
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad (acoustic)
Two Headed Boy Pt.2 (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
Limousine (acoustic)
Accident Prone (Jawbreaker cover)
Upward Over the Mountain
Aloc Aloc

Your Favorite Weapon (2001)
1. The Shower Scene
2. Jude Law And A Semester Abroad
3. Sudden Death In Carolina
4. Mix Tape
5. Failure By Design
6. Last Chance To Lose Your Car Keys
7. Logan To Government Center
8. The No Seatbelt Song
9. Seventy Times 7
10. Secondary
11. Magazines
12. Soco Amaretto Line
13. Jude Law And A Semester Abroad (2000 Demo)
14. Secondary (2000 Demo)
15. Logan To Government Center (2000 Demo)
16. The Shower Scene (2000 Demo)
17. Logan To Government Center (2000 Throwaway Demo)
18. Last Chance To Lose Your Keys (2000 Throwaway Demo)
19. Magazines (2000 Throwaway Demo)

Brand New/Safety In Numbers (2002)
1. Brand New - Moshi Moshi
2. Brand New - Am I Wrong (Love Spit Love cover)
3. Safety In Numbers - No Use
4. Safety In Numbers - Faithfully (Journey cover)

Deja Entendu (2003)
1. Tautou
2. Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
3. I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light
4. Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
5. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
6. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
7. Jaws Theme Swimming
8. Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis
9. Guernica
10. Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die
11. Play Crack The Sky

The Holiday EP (2003)
1. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot (Acoustic)
2. Logan To Government Center (Demo)
3. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows (Acoustic)
4. Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die (Demo)
5. Oh Holy Night

Fight Off Your Demons (2006)
1. Untitled 01 (Good Man)
2. Untitled 02 (Morrissey/1996)
3. Untitled 03 (Brothers/aloC-acoC)
4. Untitled 04 (Missing You)
5. Untitled 05 (Cleanser/Nobody Moves)
6. Untitled 06 (Mamas/Luca (Reprise))
7. Untitled 07 ((Fork And Knife))
8. Untitled 08 (Yeah (Sowing Season))
9. Untitled 09 (The Edge Takes Over For Vin/Battalions)

The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (2006)
1. Sowing Season (Yeah)
2. Millstone
3. Jesus Christ
4. Degausser
5. Limousine
6. You Won't Know
7. Welcome To Bangkok
8. Not The Sun
9. Luca
10. Untitled
11. The Archers Bows Have Broken
12. Handcuffs

(Fork And Knife) (2007)
1. (Fork And Knife)

Daisy Sessions (2009)
1. Sowing Season
2. Bought A Bride
3. Jesus
4. At the Bottom
5. Bed

Daisy (2009)
1. Vices
2. Bed
3. At The Bottom
4. Gasoline
5. You Stole
6. Be Gone
7. Sink
8. Bought A Bride
9. Daisy
10. In A Jar
11. Noro

Mene (2015)
1. Mene
2. Out of Range

I Am A Nightmare (2016)
1. I Am A Nightmare

3 Demos, Reworked (2016)
1. Brother's Song
2. Missing You
3. 1996
4. Brother's Song (Demo)
5. Missing You (Demo)
6. 1996 (Demo)

Science Fiction (2017)
1. Lit Me Up
2. Can't Get It Out
3. Waste
4. Could Never Be Heaven
5. Same Logic/Teeth
6. 137
7. Out of Mana
8. In The Water
9. Desert
10. No Control
11. 451
12. Batter Up

shoutout to troubled uncle on youtube, who has all the BN content you could ever want. someday i'll try archiving all the demos and other older videos just in case his channel gets obliterated randomly

Imagine this: you're nine years old and you grew up seeing emo kids on the internet, fringes covering one of their eyes and too-tight skinny jeans and all that. You completely miss the memo that you can listen to any song in the world on youtube dot com, so you let fate decide which songs will be permanently ingrained into your soul by using the radio feature on google play music. But I was the nine year old! Somehow listening to mall emo (MCR and paramore and all) eventually led me to what r/emo calls "real emo", and was eventually spammed with songs from a 2003 album titled Deja Entendu by a neat emo band from Long Island called Brand New (and that's the name of the page you're on right now!).

And eight years later, I'm still borderline embarrassingly obsessed with them and still listen to Deja Entendu just a little too much. But instead of looking through the Brand New and emo tags on tumblr, I scour oldinterneticons.tumblr.com and old livejournal threads for slightly cringy graphics such as these:

Who knew that people would thirst post about a band that makes such sad music? I sure didn't! But out of all the different genres of music I've listened to in the past eight years, Brand New was the one band that I'd still always listen to (well, besides Fall Out Boy, but this isn't about them!). Throughout my vaporwave, soundcloud rap, k-pop, hyperpop, and britpop phases, I would STILL cry to the same Brand New songs on the way home from school and think about how much I hated myself. But good news! I don't want to die anymore!! But that didn't affect the amount of emo music I listen to (if anything, it's increased by like 300%).

(maybe hearing these exact lyrics hundreds of times over the past several years wasn't the best for my psyche...) Sometimes I hate myself for eventually listening to their entire discography all at once, because there's a really good chance I'll never hear one of their songs for the first time again (Jesse, Garrett, Brain, or Vin, just leak a demo or something ffs!)

as of january 6 2023, i've officially collected all 5 of Brand New's studio albums on vinyl! check out my full collection here!

Since it took me so long just to get the main 5 albums, I don't plan on actively collecting anymore. Don't get me wrong, the massive collections I've seen on tumblr and r/brandnew are suuuper cool! But I'd probably go crazy if I tried to collect the tour dvd, split ep, holiday ep, various singles, etc. The only things I'd probably go out of my way to get are the Jesus record, the Japan cd version of YFW, and any of the other early pressings of YFW. My heart broke a little bit when I saw someone showing off their signed copy of The Rookie Lot's record on tumblr T^T

to every neocities user who has any of the above graphics on their page without knowing the reference, listen to Seventy Times 7 right now!

Here is an archive of a lot of the shows they've done since 2000. Unfortunately a lot of these are audio only, and the videos linked are no longer available (which really sucks because they seem really interesting).

u/waymonster's 60gb collection of BN videos! I've looked through most of these videos, mainly just shows they've done since 2001, as well as a couple interviews. everything from 2001-2004 will always hold a special place in my heart

Anyways, I've decided to link videos of my personal favorite shows, because why not?

*bolded + red = check out these ones especially!

The Rookie Lot | Levittown, NY | January 2, 1999
obligatory video of what came before Brand New, recorded in their hometown and everything. a bit jarring to watch in comparison to literally any BN show after 2006 or so

~Spring 2001
oh, that's my video! (well, actually, not really) for the longest time i could only find the last ~15 minutes of this show on youtube, but i recently got lucky and found the full thing in that huuuge archive of BN videos
a bunch of christmas lights fall off the ceiling and hit them in the middle of Logan to Government. important video!

Valparasio, IN | 2001
sorry, I just think the pre-TDAG videos are cool

Old Bridge, NJ | March 13, 2002
definitely the highest quality performance from the first couple of years, watch it right now!

State College, PA | June 25, 2003
an out of tune performance of Tommy Gun that still manages to sound alright. or just watch the full show

from some radio show in ~2004 (i think)
audio only but still pretty good! listen to Sic Transit Gloria

West Hollywood, CA | June 21, 2008
Play Crack The Sky by Jesse, Vin, and Kevin Devine. alternate angle here

Philadelphia, PA | April 27, 2011
Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades. Insanely good (especially compared to all the YFW era shows that I linked)

Orlando, FL | October 24, 2014
a really fucking good performance of Seventy Times 7 ft. stage dives at the end :) definitely one of my favorite live BN videos

Chicago, IL | July 2, 2016
Brand New messes up, plays Weezer instead

bonus: YFW tour DVD and making of deja entendu. I already linked these videos in the discography section, but they're pretty cool so I'm linking them twice