Valentine's Day (and Other Human Degeneracy)

"Refuse to be passive!" A Poem "School Shooter Chic; violence is the aesthetic"

I don't frequently check the suicide forums of today (such as SanctionedSuicide) to see how often holidays are talked about, but on the websites run by depressed people in the 2000's, spotting a page dedicated to resentment towards Valentine's Day and Christmas wasn't the most uncommon thing. If this page gets big enough, I will split the sections into different webpages.

The webpage you are on right now is dedicated to the true moruteness of Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day... ah, the powerful emotions it doth evoke. Images of young lovers holding hands, the exchange of flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocloate candy, laughter, joy, love, love, love; all this coupled with the promise of the impending spring thaw.

It's enough to make a free thinking individual want to gouge his own eyeballs out with an old rusty pair of scissors.

You hate Valentine's Day. Every year you screw up your face in disgust when your eyes fall on the center of your February calendar. Every year you glare in contempt and hatred at these ignorant fools who buy into this money-making scheme of unabashed transparent nothingess thinkly disguised as a day to show that special loved one just how much you care, while leaving those of us who are not in the throes of love to feel rejected, unloved, and downright inadequate.

You've finally had enough, and you want to take action, but you are at a loss as of what kind of action to take. In a stroke of rare generosity, I have compiled a list of things you can do to make February 14 a tolerable, and even perhaps enjoyable, day for those of who refuse to be enslaved by commercialism.

1. Firebomb all the Hallmark card shops you can find. The greeting card industry created this "holiday" and the most effective way of ridding ourselves of it is to destroy it at the source. Greeting card shops sell primarily paper goods, and will burn quite efficiently.

2. Gather a large amount of sympathetic malcontents together and declare February 14 as a Day of Hate. Ridicule those who are less fortunate than you, refuel old ethnic hatred while encouraging the hate that already exists, explode an advertising binge of misanthropy. Be sure to be extremely vocal so as to get the attention of the media. Break lots of things with reckless abandon. Carry placards with catchy hateful slogans, such as "Hate Is Great", "Have You Exploited Someone Today?" and "Fuck Love". Hit the malls and be sure to torch all the greeting card shops (see (1)). This will have the positive side effect of destroying the malls where today's vacuous youth, extremely vulnerable to advertising, run rampant like a bad case of hives.

3. Upon coming in contact with aforementioned amourous starry-eyed couples, proceed to exclaim loudly to either one, "Why didn't you call me! You told me our passionate night together was only the beginning?! Who the hell is *this* cretin? Don't you know that s/he could never love you like I can?! You're coming with *me*!" Etc., ad nauseum. Be very animated, and feel free to physically get in between these two clueless sots. To be especially effective, do your research ahead of time and seek out certian couples. Learn their names, their habits and lifestyles, and capitalize on this. By ruining their holiday of love together, you will be adding them to the ranks of bitter V.D. malcontents.

You get the picture. Refuse to be passive! Join the ranks of the angry, the bitter, the angstful, and smash this day into oblivion.

to hold you
in my arms
in my mind
in my dreams
to see you
with my eyes
with my soul
with my hands
to taste you
on my lips
in my blood
in my fantasies
to have you
close by
from far
at all
to remember you
when I'm alone
when things are bad
filled with sadness
to remember you
Written by an a.s.h. member in August 1995

Click here for a slightly more shocking valentine that I didn't want to insert directly! WARNING: MEDICAL GORE

"School Shooter Chic; violence is the aesthetic" (a.k.a the story of the Halifax mass shooting plot)

In concept, Lindsay Souvannarath is everything that some of the women of true crime Tumblr envy. Mass shooter chic and a romantic Valentine's Day date that consists of shooting up a mall with your lover before finally giving up and ending it all by turning a .308 Savage 99 Lever action rifle on yourself.

In reality, said lover, James Gamble, snitched to the Canadian police and shot himself before Lindsay even arrived in the country. And the date becomes a lot less romantic when you have a third wheel, Randall Shepherd, who's appearance could best be described as pathetic.

You don't hear a lot about the failed mass shootings. So, what went wrong?

Maybe start by not saying "Valentine's Day, it's going down" on your Tumblr blog where you talk about school shooters, Nazism, and necrophilia.

When Lindsay and Randall arrived at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, they were both immediately arrested. He was handed a ten year sentence, but got out after seven. She was handed a life sentence. So totally fair, I know.

It might just be obligatory for every shooter (or almost-shooter in this case) to have a slightly-intriguing quote thrown in between the ramblings that end up being used as evidence.

Lindsay says that violence should be used to sell products instead of sex.