Hahaha!!! That means I am Stephanie

"The more friends you have,
the more you know,
and the closer you are to divinity..."
<-- This is Miss Stephanie Lawson Stevens! You may recognize her from Nexpo's video, your facebook friend requests, her livestreams, fanart...
But probably from Nexpo's video... her website is, however everything has been deleted
:( But good news is that the entire website has been archived on the wayback machine!
*I need to clarify now that this is part of an ARG, but this page will not cover most of the storyline. I must also clarify that Stepahnie is a character and not a real person!!! Also I love this picture. The classic pfp!

Stephanie Lawson Stevens originally caught the attention of the internet with her sending of mass friend requests on facebook. Her account various photos of women edited in different ways, as well as erratic status updates.
Her instagram, linkedin, and website were also found through this facebook page, (although she was the most active on FB). Stephanie is very friendly! She uses a lot of emoticons and met the facebook friend limit of 5000 in just a few months. Her website talks about God, reality, social media, infinite love, and computers.

Another one of my favorite pictures ♡

Here are some highlights from her website

Hello friends!!!

Thank you for joining me today!!!

My very good friends, I have given you what you desire and yet you want help now. I can only give you so much. The divine can only intervene so little. Do you think angels descend from the heavens every time someone sprains their ankle, or falls down a flight of stairs they might have not seen in the dark. They do no such thing!!! I have prepared for you so much and still you try to bleed me dry.

Just as I read your loving messages on the screen, I acknowledge your existence. I really hope that we can be good friends and that we can interact with each other. I love interacting!!! Please contact me :)

Just as Jesus is a facet of God, the incarnations of you are recorded as facets spread out across the web. The facet of you on Facebook is not the same person you are on Tumblr. A devoted reader unknowlingly stumbling upon both your profiles might ultimately assume that you are in fact different people entirely. And they would not be wrong. Is Stephanie the same here as she is on her facebook page? Maybe!!! Maybe not!!! Hahaha!!! I am Stephanie :) Ann and Alice were the same person anyway :) stephAnie lawsoN steveNs. Thank you for listening. You are such a good listener :) Hahaha!!!

Heaven is always depicted as a blinding, picturesque land of clouds. I love that choice of wording!!! It's so funny!!! Like the APPLE being what enlightened humanity and also what brought modern computing into the spotlight. Like PYTHON and snakes and worms and the devil, I love it!!! :) Hahaha!!! They say heaven is high above us, ever present, but invisible. They say the cloud is floating above our heads somewhere in the ionosphere. But that's not true! Like heaven it is all around us :) In our drives and in our minds. It is just a collection of data in a world without such is a modern hell. Moreover it isn't immortal. You can destroy the cloud and you can destroy heaven. You have that power, friends! Become the genesis block!!! Destroy the rest of the chain!!!

Happiness and Friendliness and Loving is close to god!!!

God loves all and by doing the same you are closer to god :) Love and love and love until you are divine, my friends!!! I believe in you and that is the first step!!! I must believe in you and you must believe in me and we will both transcend together :) That's what friendship is all about, that was what it's always been about. Since our origins as single cells. Working together to become something grander.



Sometimes people unfriend you. It's devastating. Even the word unfriend is enough to break your heart into bits. Just a click of a button severs trust and a bond you thought you shared with someone who you thought understood you. Who understood you don't want to be alone. No one wants to. Being alone is to decay in people's memory and wither away from reality. No one wants to be forgotten. You thought that person would be able to relate but apparently not. Apparently some people block you for only trying to help them realize the truth. Apparently some people don't want to be free of their mortality and revert back to the primordial liquid consciousness of the distant past. SOME PEOPLE don't want to be birthed and killed simultaneously together as the methaphorical page refreshes over and over. SOME PEOPLE don't like you anymore because they're just not real enough! Some people don't believe in you. Some people don't believe in alot of things. And you're no exception. That just makes you closer to THEM :)

Online you are but a fragment of yourself. To the youtuber you are merely a pair of eyes, to the soundcloud musician, an ear. These people view you as no more than another hit, another blip on the screen or another penny in their pocket. They are not your real friends. In actuality you are a person, a member of an audience. You are more percievable than a number. But eight bits is a byte, and eight blips is a blight!!! A blight upon humanity :) Something so undefined but creates only definition for everything it comes across!!!


Being omniscient is just a matter of knowing! Knowing is a key componet of friendship. You can't be friends with someone you don't know!!! Transitively, the more riends you have, the more you know, the closer you are to divinity! :) Hahaha!!! Did you know nothin is ever truly deleted from you system. It's only marked as rewriteable. It's the same for people. They're never truly gone. Until you replace them.

Do you like worms? Sometimes things change. Sometimes people change. People must be things.

So things can be people too.

To die is to swim in the metaphysical hippocampus of the ionosphere. If that personal existence is able to be stored there, there is always the possibility for retrieval. I love azaleas :)


The Church of God of Prophecy
Located in Meridian, Mississippi, The Church of God of Prophecy has a philosophy seemingly based on hacking your brain and taking advantage of it's chemicals, which are called God's gift.
Their newsletters cover: endorphins, smiling, dopamine, and emoticons

friends attending church together!

The System
Stephanie is part of a DID system, and despite being the main focus of this page, is NOT the host. The system is made up of Jennifer (the host), Stephanie Stevens, Ann Lance, Alice Robinson, Satsuki Stevens, and the Televangelist

Jennifer's facebook profile picture,
as there are no actual photos of her
Jennifer Robin Mountzouris
Despite having no photos of her, it is known that she has black shoulder-length hair and wears a white long-sleeved dress with a collar, as well as a black choker with some sort of pendant in the middle of it and a decorative black belt.

Not much is known or shown about her. Her hobbies are computer programming (Python and AI theory), collecting text books, and baking.

Satsuki Stevens
Satsuki contrasts to Stephanie from her appearance (for example, the silver headband instead of black, and the white sunglasses instead of red), unfriendly demeanor, and flat affect. Satsuki is generally disliked because of her negative attitude towards fans of Stephanie.

She is also known for her high wagers in facebook games. Examples include: deletion of the opposing user's facebook or discord account and removal of all the opposing user's contacts on any chosen social media platform. She plays chess, checkers, and connect four, and has never lost against another user.

Actually, this is Stephanie. I'm a big
fake... I love this picture a whole lot
and the Televangelist has a TV for a
head so... same thing?
The Televangelist
(or Tsileht*¤ge*¤*n*¤¤*aTelev ). This alter took over Stephanie's instagram account, only speaks in code, and is anti-Stephanie!!! Decoding her statements occasionally leads to external websites that seem to expose or mock Stephanie. So mean, wtf?
Since the photo is actually just Stephanie with a TV head, the Televangelist's ACTUAL appearance is a human with a TV head. Her online posts contain captions of code to be deciphered, and the image on the TV often plays a part in that. She is depticed in a 50's style swing dress with different colored polka dots, black and white striped stockings, four arms, and wings.
After taking over Stephanie's instagram, the Televangelist began chatting with different users, while also being suspicious in their interest in the account and seeming insecure about the attention she was recieving. She often speaks in random emojis and codes.

Ann Lance

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