really cool sites here on neocities!:

multo's graveyardfool's paradisedot midipirra's dota havenmandrione

Various other interesting sites: - Self explanatory, where I a lot of the graphics used on this website :) - An archive of the website, contains a list of suicide methods, poems, and suicide notes. - timecube website archive. An incoherent attempt to detail a conspiracy theory developed by the "wisest man on Earth" - Official website of the Church of Euthanasia. Talks about reproduction, antinatalism, and overpopulation. Contains an in-depth guide on cannibalism and some cool merch, which is unfortunately no longer for sale.

A Most American Terrorist - An incredibly written article on Dylann Roof. I've researched a lot of mass shooters but he always stood out to me. “I am in bed, so depressed I cannot get out of bed. My life is wasted. I have no friends even though I am cool. I am going back to sleep.”

Yvette's Bridal Formal - not quite sure what's happening here... some days its hard to resist the urge to make my site look identical to this

killifish - web design monstrosity

Youtube links:
Project Jenny, Project Jan - Pins and Needles - REALLY COOL! Probably the best video listed here. Watch it!

What's for Dinner? - A neat animation made by one of my favorite channels :)

pokopokoshopping - ((0u0))

Grave Robbing for Morons - I believe this was proved to be fake but it's still cool

Crank That George Bush - 9.6k views... underrated! The first week of my junior year I made a friend in my journalism class by showing this video to him

crank that george bush - A George Bush style cover of Crank That. Also made by a different channel. 2007-2009 was a diff era

Soulja Boy JFK - A similar video made by an entirely different group of people (I think). 3.6k views

sunday night - strange video, good song

Video Diary: How I Feel [2/11/2007] - video diary, only video uploaded to this channel. audio is really quiet :( hope she's doing alright 16 years later

ALIEN EXTRAVEGANZA - A cool, yet confusing, art project(?). 200 views.

Dryline - Recollection of Something That Never Happened - A good ep by a band that never seemed to be too popular

HOW TO FADE YOUR HAIR - One of my favorite videos of all time. The reveal at the end is amazing

Say Anything's cover of Got Your Money - Say Anything's most underrated song

Scientology's Deep Secret - No words for this one either, I love videos like this though

Green Screen Cover...Radiohead - Creep - Radiohead cover with some interesting visual effects

Walk in the Rain - Cowboy Bebop AMV

The Denny's Grand Slam - Everyone's already seen this but I still love it. "What the fuck is up Denny's!?"

Seven Nation Army (Pre-Release)(Complete) - No words. Just listen to it.

The REAL Numa Dance - "This is the original. Not the stupid fat kid." 2006