You made the following unfounded assertions:
[ ] Things will get better
[ ] god/jesus/allah/krishna/harvey loves you
[ ] Life is priceless/precious/a gift/good/fun/not as bad as all that
[ ] I love you/care what happens to you
[ ] You will hurt your family/friends/society/god
[ ] You are just looking for attention
[ ] You are all sick/crazy/evil/murderers/perverts
[ ] Suicide is the easy way out
[ ] Suicide is a selfish/stupid/wasteful/cowardly (etc etc) act
[ ] Killing yourself is Evil/You will go to Hell
[ ] Nothing is worse than killing yourself
[ ] I am qualified to preach to you because I have attempted suicide myself/have had a friend/relative kill themselves/seen someone suicide/once heard about a guy who killed himself
[ ] You are not qualified to talk about killing yourself because you are still alive

And/or you suggested the following course(s) of action:
[ ] Don't do it
[ ] Talk to someone first
[ ] e-mail me
[ ] Just snap out of it/learn to deal with your problems
[ ] Go for a walk in the park/listen to the birds singing/smell a flower/watch the sun rise/perform some other irrelevant action
[ ] See a psychiatrist/psychologist/psychoanalyst/witch-doctor
[ ] Just take some prosac/lithium etc.
[ ] Fall in Love
[ ] Find god/jesus/allah/krishna/harvey etc.
[ ] Put me in your will/send me all your money/have sex with me/let me film your death, etc.
[ ] Kill one or more other people first
[ ] What are you waiting for, just go ahead and kill yourself

And/or your message contained the following logical fallacies:
[ ] Argument from authority and/or special pleading
[ ] Assuming what you seek to prove and/or proof by assertion
[ ] Non sequitur or other irrelevant argument
[ ] Ad hominem
[ ] Bare-faced lying, extreme stupidity or obviously false statements
[ ] Post was so incoherent that no logical argument was detectable

And/or your message contained other inappropriate material:
[ ] Threats, abuse or other obnoxious behaviour, including {{HUGS}}
[ ] Deliberately false or misleading methods information
[ ] It's purpose is to talk people out of committing suicide
[ ] It's purpose is to talk people in to committing suicide
[ ] Spam or other advertising, including offers of counseling and promises to kill people for money (Note: Normally spammers will not be dignified with any response at all)
[ ] A religious tract, political manifesto or conspiracy theory
[ ] Other form of demented ranting