an introduction to

Cat Marnell

This is Miss Cat Marnell (a.k.a my idea of the coolest person in the world)!! She's written for various magazines, has an amazing book titled How to Murder Your Life, and is who every modern influencer wishes they were (whether they realize it or not). The day I made this webpage, she followed me on Twitter, and I cried, a lot. Scroll down to read xoJane articles that I archived. Read her Vice column here!
"Cat was a beauty editor at Lucky magazine before joining the team. Her beauty stories has appeared in SELF, Nylon, Glamour, and really random magazines like Vogue South Korea. She lives in downtown New York City."
"Jean planted seeds of self-love and positive thinking in my brain. She shut down my negative self-talk again and again and insisted that I believe in my talent and my future. I was too sick to believe the things she told me back then, but over the years, they have grown like flowers- bright thoughts along the psycho path that I can pick and gather when the forest feels too dark. It's not always going to feel like it does today." - How To Murder Your Life