this is a .44 caliber love letter, straight from my Heart.
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Don't you miss the nights, the friends, and the secrets!!! Don't you miss having someone to talk to? I miss my friends. the main purpose of is to project my hate of mordernity by having a 2000's style website to lie to everyone on instead of social media. don't you ever think about that? i can say whatever i want about my life and i'm not obligated to prove any of it. your internet friends who you think are totally cool are probably phonies. Now I realize how easy it was, others will listen if you pretend to listen to them. But what if everyone catches onto that? You pretend to listen to others so they'll pretend to listen to you, but how do you know they're /actually/ listening? i know you have a heavy heart, i can feel it when we kiss. The first neocities site I had in 2018 got a lot of mean comments on it. But I have since gained the confidence to try again!!!
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lolcow + internet bloodsports, late 2000's / early 2010's internet, overwatch (pc: Jinsoul#1263), domo-kun, art, stalking livejournal threads from 2007, little big planet, 12 oz mouse

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We Need To Talk About Kevin, Mysterious Skin, Catfish (both the movie and the television show)

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