Dec. 4: Deleted some of the too-personal stuff on here, talked to someone cool today, Brand New record collection almost finished.
Dec. 7: Finished painting, talked to a friend(?) about another (ex-)friend
Dec. 11: I'm lazy and my mind is kind of blank
Dec. 12: super happy, lots of ideas that will manifest on this site soon enough!
Dec. 21: unmotivated, but only for this website!
December 4, 2022
TL;DR: Deleted some of the too-personal stuff on here, talked to someone cool today, Brand New record collection almost finished.
Going through everything on this page and deleting certain things because a certain someone won't leave me alone and has spent the last 3 or so years making fake accounts to talk to me... A couple of weeks ago I mentioned wanting to be 50% through all of my classes by the end of 2022 and thinking I wouldn't be able to achieve that, but honestly now I think I probably could. Currently working on a painting for my older half-sister that no one in my family has really met IRL but has a loooooooot in common with me. Ideally it should be done by tomorrow, but I might not finish it until Wednesday or so.

Met this really cool photographer today. He was standing outside of the record store taking pictures of people who walked by. Some guy got really upset about it and started recording him with his cellphone. We talked for a minute or two about old man sweaters and how aggro that guy was. Talked to the owner of the record store and he ordered Deja Entendu for me. The Devil and God was just restocked the other day and I finally got the chance to buy it. After I have all 5 of their albums I'm probably not going to go crazy about getting all their singles (I already have Mene and I Am A Nightmare, but I'm not going to go searching for the Jude Law or Quiet Things or Jesus LPs, or anything by The Rookie Lot)

Forcing myself to play Overwatch so I can unlock everything from the battle pass to get my $10 worth (in all honesty, I only wanted it for the DVa skin). Today was fun. I think I finally got over whatever made me hate being around people for 80% of 2022, so I'm going to keep going out and talking to people again.
December 7, 2022
TL;DR: Finished painting, talked to a friend(?) about another (ex-)friend
Going to finish my painting today and send it to my sister, I'll try to put a picture here tomorrow. I'll have a lot more time to work on this website now, which is cool because I finally have a lot more ideas! Not much to say because I've been spending most of my time trying to get that painting done as soon as possible. I'm finally happy again : )
Talked to one of my friends for the first time since April, went really well. I didn't expect to recieve 'Don't feel bad about choosing who to interact with, worse that will happen is someone might be a little upset, don't get so distressed' (extreme paraphrasing here) as advice, I also didn't expect it to work so well. I felt more at ease after that, so I've been able to get a lot more done in the past few days because I'm not wasting as much time contemplating what I should do, what I shouldn't do, etc.
December 11, 2022
TL;DR: I'm lazy and my mind is kind of blank
Finally got TDAGARIM in the mail today, I'm going to go back to the record store in a week or two to look for Deja. Was thinking about redoing the layout of this page, but I can't really think of anything yet. I'll probably just wait until having a winter-themed page isn't fitting anymore. I lied about putting a picture of the painting I did on here, because I don't feel like uploading it. I want(ed) to work on this website today, but I've just been sitting at my computer for the past two hours mindlessly scrolling through tumblr and listening to kpop. Some of the ideas I've had for this website were fan pages for Overwatch and various kpop idols, but I'm not even really sure what to put on those kinds of pages. I've seen people talk about what the subject is and then go into what it means to them, but I think I just have issues expressing how much I really love certain things. If I put something on my site and then refuse to look at the page after I've uploaded it, that's how I know I've written something awful.
December 12, 2022
TL;DR: super happy, lots of ideas that will manifest on this site soon enough!
Ordered a film camera, because I'm that pretentious, and also because I just really like the feel of the type of photos they take. I'm seriously super happy now. This website is probably the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. I think I'm going to update my about page with some more information. Currently working on the music page because I finally got some ideas of what to put on it. I tend to ramble a lot, which I learned is actually pretty good for filling some of the space out on this website. I got a comment a few weeks ago saying that my website was "truly.. straight from the heart!" And I think that's a really good representation of what I want to be, a digital representation of my heart.
December 21, 2022
TL;DR: unmotivated, but only for this website!
Is buccal fat removal a trend now? Either way, I did it before it was cool! (AS IN I DID IT TO MYSELF AND SUFFERED THE CONSEQUENCES FOR SEVERAL MONTHS!) I really hate plastic surgery, it really hurts to see women feel like they have to pay thousands to appeal to a beauty standard that will probably change in a couple years... Went out for dinner with my parents tonight because it's my mom's birthday. It's kind of cool to have a small family made up of 3 introverts. Hearing people talk about spending the holidays with an absurd amount of extended family sounds like Hell. I want to change the layout of this page just a bit so I can add images, I really lack ideas for layouts at the moment though. It took soooooo long for the therapy and medication to finally improve my mental state, but now I'm more motivated to do things than ever (... only issue is that it currently doesn't apply to this website!!)